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Looking for Workstation recommendations

Discussion created by Russell Beck on Mar 2, 2009
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Looking for workstation recommendations

Looking workstation recommendations as we are in need of updating our current hardware. Our current workstations are to slow and the CPU is constantly maximized. The recommended system requirements that Solidworks provides are just too slow. We are not looking for the fastest stations around but something that will be a significant improvement over our current system. We design and build filament winding machines that incorporate machined parts, sheetmetal, purchased parts, welded assemblies, fasteners, etc. and work locally on our C drives. Approximately 1000 - 2500 parts per machine. See

I am currently running the following Hardware
Xeon CPU 3.00GHz,
6G of RAM,
NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 video card
80G hardrive

Also seeking recommendations for "Vault" server hardware.

Russ B