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    Question regarding computed BOMs versus named BOMs

    Tedd McHenry

      We're configuring a new PDM installation and working out the details of migrating data from our old PDM system (DBWorks). One issue we're uncertain how to proceed on is cut to length items or other items in an assembly that have non-count quantities, and I'm interested in how others have done this.


      In DBWorks, we have been dealing with these items by adding them to the DBWorks BOM which, as far as I can tell, is roughly equivalent to what SW PDM calls a named BOM. That is, the DBWorks BOM reads in all the items from the assembly plus any other items that are manually added. So, for example, if we have x meters of tubing in the assembly then, rather than have an empty tubing part file in the assembly, we simply add that item to the DBWorks BOM, along with the quantity. In our 2D drawings we use the DBWorks BOM to make the drawing BOM table.


      As part of our migration strategy, we had planned to export the DBWorks BOM to a spreadsheet or CSV format and import that into a named BOM in SW PDM. But it's now our understanding that a named BOM can't be used on a 2D drawing (unless we write a custom API routine). The 2D drawing BOM is read from the assembly file. Is that a correct assumption? If so, how have others handled cut to length parts so that they can be on the drawing BOM?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Drawings & assemblies can have their own independent named BOMs.


          ...have you looked at Weldment BOMs and cutlists? This is how most people do what I think you are looking for.

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              Tedd McHenry



              Thanks for your reply.


              Yes, we use cutlists where appropriate. This situation is a bit different. DBWorks provides a feature that is similar to a SW PDM named BOM--a BOM that is stored in the database, not via the SW assembly or drawing file. We use that type of BOM in DBWorks because it allows us to do things like add cut to length items to an assembly that we don't wish to show in the assembly drawing but which we want to include in the drawing BOM table so that we can refer to them in notes.


              We were hoping that we might be able to translate these DBWorks BOMs into some equivalent thing in PDM, such as named BOMs. Since my original post we've engaged a consultant with experience migrating DBWorks CAD data to PDM systems and they've informed us that it probably won't be possible to migrate the DBWorks database BOMs in the way we want. Despite superficial similarities, DBWorks database BOMs and SW PDM named BOMs aren't equivalent.


              Sadly, it looks like our only option will be to manually re-create drawing BOM tables when we migrate to PDM. I was hoping to avoid that, but it appears that we can't. Fortunately, we're at the stage where assembly drawings with BOMs number only in the low hundreds--a big task, but manageable.