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Is there a way to do a shear form bend on a non planer surface of a sheet metal "barrel"?

Question asked by Robert Pliskat on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Robert Pliskat

I'm working on a round sheet metal part, material thickness of .012in, basically a barrel. I drew the barrel as a sheet metal base flange to get a flat blank. Added a male and female dovetail to join the flat when formed into a barrel and lock it. I'm trying to get shear formed flanges  on the walls of the barrel but there are no planer surfaces. I put in the cut geometry for the shear located where the flanges need to be for my purposes to develop a tool  but need to send a completed part to a customer for their approval. Can't figure a way to show the folded up barrel with the sheared forms. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.