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    "Saved in a future version"?!?! - WTF??

    Kevin Andrews

      I was creating, or modeling, some hydraulic hoses inside one of our pieces of equipment. Within the assembly, I brought in the crimp ends and placed them where I wanted them. Then I inserted a new part so that I could build the hose body portion. Once I had everything the way I wanted it, I created a new subassembly so that I could group the three components together.

      Right away, I get mate errors - everything was fine up until I created the subassembly...but I trooped on. I opened the file so that I could fill out the data card and save it as the correct naming convention. The hose body is not shown. The ends are there, but the hose body isn't there. The hose body is greyed out in the feature tree as id it is suppressed and it has the yellow warning sign showing. So, I hover over it to see what the warning is.


      "This component is created in a future version" - ok, maybe not a direct quote, but only because I can't remember the exact wording used - but it is the same thing.

      I am using 2017 Sp 4.1. We have 18 but haven't installed it yet. So, how is it that I just created something that I won't create until later???

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          John Stoltzfus

          Bring in the VAR - something is strange, sounds like you opened and used 2018 by mistake..

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            Kevin Andrews

            **UPDATE** - it gets even stranger.

            So, while I am in the saved subassembly file, I simply delete the hose body with the idea that I can just insert the assembly (without the hose body) - edit assembly - and then recreate the hose body.


            So, as mentioned, I insert the assembly, which is just the two crimped ends at this point, and mate them where they need to be. I tell the system to edit assembly and BAM one of the crimp ends just disappears. I am assuming it is joining the future hose in some time-space continuum somewhere. And now I have mate errors....


            Mind you, I am working on two screens and I have the assembly pulled up on the other screen. I visually watch the part disappear from the screen and the feature tree.


            Either the system is, or I am, on crack this morning. This is the kinda stuff that happens on a Monday morning...not Friday.


            Gonna try a restart to see if this fixes the issue. System has been running since Monday morning.

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              David Matula

              what a long week.  kind of reminds me of the corrupt parts that I would end up with.  I just hate when the coworkers take the parts to the club and corrupt them and then all they want to do it party. 

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                Paul Salvador

                Hello Kevin,.. maybe a link to a updated version is present?...  that is, open this in SolidWorks Explorer and search for "where it is used"... ??

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                  Steve Calvert

                  Kevin, was that component possibly downloaded from a third party location like McMaster-Carr and that's why it says future version?


                  Steve C

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                      Tom Gagnon

                      In general, third party content is a valid concern. In the workflow described, when the error appeared seems unrelated.

                      However, IIRC, McM provides models from 3 or 4 years before current version to allow for more interoperability. Most vendors I receive true SWx files from stick to this pattern, or transmit neutral import files instead like Parasolid, IGES, or STEP.

                      Caveat: any supplier can change what they provide; maybe they upgraded and made new components in later version.


                      I very much agree (with John) that this is an abnormal generation of the error, and OP should not hesitate to involve VAR for resolution before it gets worse.

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                        Kevin Andrews

                        Sorry for such a delayed answer to your question.


                        Based on the original posting, I downloaded the crimp ends from Parker. Then modified the crimped areas to show as-crimped and saved the file in my current version of Solidworks (17). I then inserted the newly formed crimp ends into my assembly and then created a new part, within the main assembly, as the hose that connected the two crimp ends.

                        I then changed the name of the new hose (just the rubber part) to reflect our naming convention and did a save - save new part externally where it needed to be.

                        Then, I highlighted the two crimp ends, and the hose, in the feature tree - right clicked and chose "create new subassembly"...changed its name and saved it where it needed to be.

                        When I opened the new subassembly, the hose that I created is what was missing - not the downloaded crimp ends.


                        I haven't seen this issue since then - out of sight - out of mind.