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Relating part sketches to assembly sketches

Question asked by Kody Spaberg on Aug 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by Kody Spaberg

I'm designing the front suspension on a vehicle and am looking to bypass processes that have been wasting my time. I'll give two scenarios while tuning the bump steer in the system that I'm running into that I'd like to automate. Keep in mind I am doing this all in an assembly with every component of the car assembled and adjusting parts as I need.


1) 3D assembly sketch line length defining a part.


I set the ideal wheel conditions that I want using temporary mates and a 3D sketch gives me the length of the tie rod (link that control steering) that I need for these ideal conditions at static ride height. I measure that length, edit my tie rod part, and copy and paste the length. I get out of this configuration so that the wheels can move freely upon their own kinematic trail. I cycle the suspension and calculate need changes.


I'm curious if there is a way for me to automate the copied length of the 3D sketch into the part at static conditions. I don't think this is possible but I figured I'd try.


2) Relating 3D pick-up-points in context of assembly


Still talking about steering and tuning bump steering, for the mounting point on the wheel side I have a point floating in 3D space of the wheel sub assembly that the tie rod is coincident with. When I want to change this point, at static conditions/configuration I have to edit this 3D point within the sub assembly, make it coincident with a point in the master assembly, delete the coincident relation, and fix it. In another scenario (where I had to do a 3D mounting point in a dynamic part of the assembly) I would have to do the same process, then dimension the point in x,y,z 3D space based on a fixed point in the part that moves in the assembly. It got the job done but it was tedious.