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What to do with my new computer to keep it from crashing

Question asked by David Matula on Aug 9, 2018

Seems like there are a lot of crashing computers out there that are supposed to meat the latest and greatest SolidWorks speck.


#1 I am going to copy all my settings and keyboard short cuts.

#2  thing I will do is to give the SolidWorks license back on the old computer if at all possible so that it is available to be put on the new computer.


#3 I am going to check all the drivers.  I will go to and find the latest and best driver for my video card and make sure that my drivers match.

    (I really check this on any machine that I start with.  If it is new to me I check it.  Does not matter the cad app either.) 

#4  I send in crash reports.  The first few times I send as much detail as possible.  after 3 my reports get bad as in opps there it goes again, or same old same old.

#5 I call my var.    (well e-mail them)  I will ask if there are any known issues with crashing...hope fully they will send me a e-mail back and say yep spr # 348480402056020054 has that issue.  if not then we got threw the reporting process.


To prevent most crashing have an approved Video Card,  and then have the approved Driver.  Do not get the latest driver from the vendor of the card, get the driver from SolidWorks.  It has been tested and should work great.



The tool SolidWorks rx is great for checking out the computer system.  


Resource monitor error msg,  there are a few ways to turn this thing off.  Search the forum, 

then Search google.