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help!  Import changes from Ecad

Discussion created by Rich Thompson on Mar 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2009 by Rich Thompson
Hi All (Sorry I rant a little here)

I'm currently using Desktop EDA which I love and works perfectly, but as I just had an upgrade to Premium I thought I might as well give Circuitworks a chance. Especially as Desktop EDA is moving to a yearly subs model. Hopefully it will do what I want.

So far I've setup my library (would be nice if I could use an already existing DB rather than maintaining two dbs though. I already have this info in my EDA DB) and imported a design into Solidworks, that went fine. I am using the same fully modelled parts that I used with Desktop EDA, not auto extruded ones.

Now I changed the position of several components in my Ecad system, and exported a new IDF file. I opened the new IDF file in circuitworks but there is no update option, it seems you have to export the design back from solidworks into circuitworks first. that wouldn't be so bad, except it insists you must have a component outline sketch set up first. That means I have to add them in to all my components. grr. Anyway, I can live with that, but why does it need this anyway with fully modelled parts, when I only want to import changes to SW not export anything?

OK, so I add sketches to the parts and export the deign into Circuitworks and hit the compare button. It correctly tells me some parts moved and I select update the assembly. The preview window updates correctly, but I can't see how to update the solidworks assembly ? The only thing I can see to do, is save a new IDF file, but not update the assembly with changes only. I think I must be being a little stupid here..... ;-)

Help appreciated.