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copying an already mirrored part

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Sean Johnson

I've tried searching for an answer to this, but all I can find is how to mirror a part.  I already have a mirrored part; I want to copy it.


I have a mirrored sheet metal part; call it part1m.   It is a mirrored version of part1.


Lets say I want to make a copy of part1m.   I go to pdm and choose part1m, and elect to do a pack and go.    I rename part1m and part1 to part2m and part2


I then open part2m.   Looking in the model tree, it's still pointing at part1.


What did I do wrong?  Is the only way to copy an already mirrored part to copy the original part, and redo a mirror?