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Pull part description in 2D exports filename

Question asked by Daniel Mapp on Aug 9, 2018

HI All,


Trying to make further changes to our exports Macro which was created with  help from people on this forum and have come across a stumbling block I cant work out.

At the moment the Macro is set to export 2D or 3D files dependant on whether you are in a part or drawing, the filename format is:


Partno Revision Description


For 3D exports I have this working fine as its reading the custom properties and pulling through fine.


The issue I am having is when trying to export 2D files from the drawing the description field in the drawing file requires manual entry in the properties to pull through into the filename. I would like to not have this manual entry step and when the user runs the macro to export 2d files the description either pulls through from the file referenced by the drawing, or maybe a sub-process where the description is pulled through from the referenced file and duplicated into drawing description as part of the export macro.


I have attached the Macro and would appreciate it if anyone can help out or point me in the right direction