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eDrawings API via Excel

Question asked by Farzad Sidhva on Aug 9, 2018

I am attempting to use the edrawings VBA api via excel. I have downloaded the edrawings SDK and it seems as though the api only runs through a user form. I have made a few vba macros for solidworks via excel but unlike solidworks there is very limited documentation. I simply want to make a connection to the API, after which I should be able to take it from there.

For right now I would simply like to open up a solidworks drawing in edrawings via excel. So something like the following:

Sub OpenDrawing()  

Dim xlBook As Workbook
Dim xlsheet As Worksheet
Dim eDraw As New EModelViewControl
Dim FilePath As String 
Set xlBook = ActiveWorkbook
Set xlsheet = xlBook.Sheets(1) 
= Range("B1").Value 
.OpenDoc FilePath, False, False, True, "" 

End Sub

As an example, Range B1 is the following "C:\ _EngVault\000S\090\090-40400-01.SLDDRW". I have activated the EModelView2018 Type Library and running edrawings 2018. Again, once I can figure out how to connect to the program I should be good but I am unable to make it that far.

Also, do I need a user form for this or did I misunderstand?

Thank you in advance,