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Out of memory / crashing when saving

Question asked by Lau Mortensen on Mar 2, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2009 by Brian Hoerner

One of our SolidWorks 2009 sp2.1 installations is acting strange in several ways.

When trying to start SW it tells you that the program can't be started, and it asks you, if you're low on memory. Memory isn't the problem.
I've found out, that sldworks.exe is apparently already running - although the computer was just started. It's not the dissection function.
When I end the sldworks.exe proces, the program starts without problems.

Another problem is occasional crashing when trying to save files.

The user is not running anything in the background (maybe Outlook is running). Hardware is the same for all users, except for graphics. This particular computer has a FX 1300, which I know hasn't passed the test for SW2009.

Could this be causing the trouble?
Thank you in advance.

Lau Mortensen