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Tab and slot flat pattern error

Question asked by Chad Huleatt on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by Chad Huleatt

Solidworks 2018 added tab and slot feature. We do a lot of sheet metal work, and this feature is a big time saver.


However, we have been having problems similar to this:Tab & Slot Feature


That post was answered; I'm starting a new thread because I think the underlying problem has not been fixed. IMO it needs attention from SW.


Here's a part (attached, see screen shots) with tab and slot. As you can see none of the features are failing. Flatten it with sheet metal tools>flatten and it's all good. However as soon as you create a derived config, (i.e. for flat pattern) , the tab and slot features fail.


I use two plug-ins (NESTINGWorks and CustomTools) to export cutting profiles/ dxf's, and the tabs & slots are missing on the exported files. I've tried locking/ breaking references and nothing helps. I really need to use these plug ins, as they save hours of time. I can't afford to export every sheet metal part "by hand".


I think this is a bug, maybe SW can fix it in the next SP. (I'm on 2018 3.0)