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Dispatch action and Excel file error

Question asked by Jessica Brennan on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Sam Sam

I have a Dispatch action in my workflow that makes a copy of the file and sends it to a network drive. It then passes through a workflow state. it works fine for Word documents, but is not working for Excel files. I am getting a Dispatch error, that says Access Denied. I have full control of the network drive that is receiving the file, and am an admin in the Vault. Once I click "OK" for each error, both the same, it goes to the next state and actually makes a copy of the file and puts it where it is supposed to be. Is this just a glitch with Excel files, or is something else going on I haven't seen yet. I can train the users to just 'OK' the errors, but I'd prefer they didn't show up. I've also removed any variables as a test to see if it was that. We are running Professional 2018.