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Using 2D Axi-symmetric simulation

Question asked by Raimond Dumoulin on Aug 8, 2018

Hi Everyone,


I haven't done any simulation on the following model. Before anything I'd like to ask few questions about the simulation setup to make sure I am on the right track. The following model is a stainless-steel made part with two pairs of spring-steel made holders between which lies a optical fiber glass coated with polyimide. The split lines on the fiber is merely created for extracting results on selected entities. 50MPa pressure are applied from top and bottom on the defined area of the stainless-steel made part. In reality the spring-steel made holders are spot-welded at their tips. I'd like to know if my following simplifications are acceptable for running a reliable simulations:


1- Is it possible to use 2D axi-symmetric static simulation?

2- Is it acceptable to restrain the tip of the spring-steel made holders in y direction to simulate the welding? the x direction of the model is restrained by fixing the center of the stainless steel part.

3- Regarding the contacts, the node to surface no-penetration contact is defined between the outer surface of the fiber (polyimide coating) and the spring-steel made holders surfaces (top and bottom). The rest of the contacts are defined with a global bonded contact assumption.


The goal of this simulation is to find an approximation of displacement and stress distribution on the fiber.