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Creating Sweep Cuts in Half to Mirror on a Complex Surface

Question asked by Kim Panattoni on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Kim Panattoni

Hello again friends,


I have found a way to model into a corner again. Please see the attached files for examples. There is a project you are all familiar with my posting on in this forum before, and I have worked with friends who have let me model myself into a corner again. If you look at the attached .png file, you will see the general idea of what the outline of the cuts are, but the model file shows what the cuts themselves are. There are sweep cuts on the one side of the model that cut into squares and rectangles on a swept model that cannot go deep into a 1/8" revolved part. The idea here was to model half of the features on one side of the model and then mirror them onto the other side, as I have done with some of the features... and then I ran into a snag with some of the swept cuts, because they cannot go into some of the rectangles. How would you do this? I need to maintain the consistency, shape, and... "roundness" of the cuts to match the others in the bottom of the part, so everything must be identical. Ideas?