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    Modeling camera field of view and lighting

    Carrie Ives

      I'm looking for some tips or ideas on paths to try. I'm working on a camera project. We have a target object we are trying to see. I know the field of view of my camera based on lens information. I modeled that area with a lofted surface (horizontal and vertical have different angles). I was thinking of thickening that surface and seeing if it intersected my target object. Have any of you done something like that. Does that sound like a reasonable approach? Is there something easy I am overlooking?


      As we get further into this project, we are adding lighting. I haven't played with lighting in SolidWorks much. Has anyone used SolidWorks lighting to see if they were actually lighting what you expected? I'm going to have a diffuser surface. I was thinking that I might be able to use it as a light source and then see if all of my target is lighted. Does this sound plausible to you?


      Thanks for your help and suggestions.