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    SolidWorks 2017 crashes after installing interactive whiteboard

    Raymond Cotter

      I just installed a Sharp PN-C703B interactive whiteboard, and now SolidWorks 2017 sp5 crashes any time I go to draw in or edit a sketch. I can open and manipulate existing parts and edit mates in existing assemblies, but the whole program crashes as soon as I do anything with a sketch. I have copied the performance log below to help with troubleshooting.


      Uninstalling the whiteboard is not an option, as it is the primary display for lecturing to students in the class I am teaching starting on August 21.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem, and does anyone know how to fix it?

      ; SolidWorks generated log file - do not edit.


      <PROC_NUM>4 system processor(s)

      <PROC_ARCH>9, 6, 24067

      <OS>Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, 64-bit 10.0  (Build 16299)



      <SPEED_MEM>3192MHz  8465383424  5192978432           0 140702152851456

      <PROCESSOR> 1 "Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3" "GenuineIntel"

      <PROCESSOR> 2 "Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3" "GenuineIntel"

      <PROCESSOR> 3 "Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3" "GenuineIntel"

      <PROCESSOR> 4 "Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3" "GenuineIntel"

      <DOTNET> 2.0.50727.4927

      <DOTNET> 3.0.30729.4926

      <DOTNET> 3.5.30729.4926




      <BUILD>SP5.0 SP5.0




      <X64> 1 0




      <ADDIN> FeatureWorks:Disabled SldTrans 1.0:Disabled SldUg 1.0:Disabled SOLIDWORKS DXF3D:Disabled SOLIDWORKS HCG:Disabled SOLIDWORKS HSF:Disabled SOLIDWORKS Inventor:Disabled SOLIDWORKS JPEG:Disabled SOLIDWORKS MDT:Disabled SOLIDWORKS Pro/E:Disabled SOLIDWORKS Routing:Disabled SOLIDWORKS SE:Disabled SOLIDWORKS Toolbox:Enabled SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Browser:Enabled SOLIDWORKS Utilities:Disabled SOLIDWORKS Motion:Disabled SOLIDWORKS Simulation:Enabled

      <REALVIEW> 0


      <LANGUAGE> english,english,1033

      <CMDLINE> 0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,-1,1,0,0,0,0, 0

      <PKGTYPE> 1

      <FDBK_OP-IN> 1 </FDBK_OP-IN>

      <SWSID> "20180806151021_25.5.0.0083" </SWSID>

      <FVI>CMD:"excel.exe" ATTR:Detected=1 ATTR:PN="Microsoft Office 2016" ATTR:PV="16.0.4639.1000" ATTR:FV="16.0.4639.1000"</FVI>

      <FVI>CMD:"winword.exe" ATTR:Detected=1 ATTR:PN="Microsoft Office 2016" ATTR:PV="16.0.4639.1000" ATTR:FV="16.0.4639.1000"</FVI>

      <FVI>CMD:"outlook.exe" ATTR:Detected=1 ATTR:PN="Microsoft Outlook" ATTR:PV="16.0.4639.1000" ATTR:FV="16.0.4639.1000"</FVI>

      <FVI>CMD:"iexplore.exe" ATTR:Detected=1 ATTR:PN="Internet Explorer" ATTR:PV="11.00.16299.15" ATTR:FV="11.00.16299.15 (WinBuild.160101.0800)"</FVI>


      <LAST_BOOT_TIME>ATTR:time=08/06/2018 14:11:05 ATTR:GMTOffset=-05:00</LAST_BOOT_TIME>

      <GRAPHICS> CDD V4.01 X1920 Y1080 32 bits 59Hz


      <OR>:Intel(R) HD Graphics 530

      <OV>:4.5.0 - Build


      <PN>:Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows(R)

      <CN>:Intel Corporation

      <FD>:OpenGL(R) Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator

      <LC>:Copyright (c) 1998-2016 Intel Corporation.



      <VIDEOCONTROLLERINFO>ATTR:AdapterCompatibility=Intel Corporation ATTR:Description=Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 ATTR:DriverVersion= ATTR:PNPDeviceID=PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1912&SUBSYS_06B91028&REV_06\3&11583659&0&10</VIDEOCONTROLLERINFO>

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "fworks.dll" "" [0.01] "" 11 COM.old 1510714956 1

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "swtoolbox.dll" "" [0.27] "" 11 COM.old 1510714749 2

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "swbrowser.dll" "" [0.00] "" 11 COM.old 1510714705 297d0000

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "SwLoaderSw.dll" "" [0.03] "" 11 COM.old 1510717239 3

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "cosworks.dll" "" [1.81] "" 11 COM.old 1510714137 4


      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "composersolidworksplug-in.dll" "SOLIDWORKS Composer" [0.02] "" 11 COM.new 1506547376 5

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "Dsgnchku.dll" "SOLIDWORKS Design Checker" [0.01] "" 11 COM.new 1510717355 6

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "SldForum.DLL" "SOLIDWORKS Forum 2017" [0.06] "" 11 NET 1510709402 7



      <CD>=6 57600 0

      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "sldfuncfeat.dll" "sldFuncFeat" [0.11] "" 11 COM.new 1510722715 8

      <DOC_OPEN> ".prtdot" 0, 1, 0, 1, 4, 0


      <PROCMEM> CMD:DocOpen ATTR:PageFileBytes=237002752 ATTR:PageFileBytesPeak=253325312 ATTR:PoolNonpagedBytes=184744 ATTR:PoolPagedBytes=2870496 ATTR:PrivateBytes=237002752 ATTR:VirtualBytes=36525232128 ATTR:VirtualBytesPeak=36545306624 ATTR:WorkingSet=434413568 ATTR:WorkingSetPeak=437276672 ATTR:AvailableReservesMask=7 ATTR:GDIHandlesTotal=10000 ATTR:GDIHandlesUsed=1045 </PROCMEM>


      <AD2> "LOAD_ADDIN" "sldanalysistoolsu.dll" "sldanalysistools" [0.01] "" 11 COM.new 1510709412 9

      <CD>=9 32884 0

      <ED>uiDveSketchMessageDlg_c "Edit Sketch"



      <MINIDUMP> "0a277d0f-8e48-4c12-b03d-2703f4739d8b" </MINIDUMP>

      <EXCEPTION> "Access Violation at e0351621 (virtual address 00000040), attempt to read from memory"

      <RESOURCE_WARNING>CMD:GDIHandles ATTR:used=1226 ATTR:load=12.26 ATTR:free=8774 CMD:CommitChargeMB ATTR:used=3891 ATTR:load=12.72 ATTR:free=26709</RESOURCE_WARNING>

      <AD5> auModelDoc_c::GetActiveView;auModelView_c::GetViewHWnd;auModelView_c::GetXform;auModelView_c::GetTranslation2;auModelView_c::GetEyePoint;auModelView_c::GetScale;auModelView_c::GetVisibleBox;auModelDoc_c::GetActiveView;auModelView_c::GetViewHWnd;

      <RAWSTACK> ig9icd64:E0351621:00021621,ig9icd64:E03AE613:0007E613,ig9icd64:E048E81C:0015E81C,ig9icd64:E0806DD8:004D6DD8,ig9icd64:E0411AA1:000E1AA1,ig9icd64:E03BA7EA:0008A7EA,ig9icd64:E0343D54:00013D54,sldrglu:182BC7F5:0007C7F5,slduiu:480B4F4E:007E4F4E,sldgraphicsuiu:332A07D3:000507D3,sldgraphicsuiu:332A392C:0005392C,sldgraphicsuiu:3329F3A3:0004F3A3,sldgraphicsuiu:332AC566:0005C566,sldprtu:339AEE8B:0005EE8B,slduiu:47F91BDF:006C1BDF,mfc110u:154112CA:002512CA,sldappu:44E4D0E4:0013D0E4,mfc110u:15425E72:00265E72,mfc110u:15425884:00265884,sldappu:44E4D93F:0013D93F,slduiu:47F94D7A:006C4D7A,mfc110u:1542320A:0026320A,mfc110u:154235C4:002635C4,mfc110u:152DB995:0011B995,USER32:22A9B85D:0000B85D,USER32:22A9B40B:0000B40B,OPENGL32:F1D68E5D:00038E5D,USER32:22A9B85D:0000B85D,USER32:22A9B40B:0000B40B,COMCTL32:071AF0F5:0002F0F5,COMCTL32:071AEEC7:0002EEC7,sldanalysistoolsu:1AE4A25E:0003A25E;



      <MINIDUMP> "39d148ee-d863-4d5e-b3d0-6211717f8d7d" </MINIDUMP>

      <EXCEPTION> "Access Violation at 203c3fb8 (virtual address 00000040), attempt to read from memory"

      <RESOURCE_WARNING>CMD:GDIHandles ATTR:used=1226 ATTR:load=12.26 ATTR:free=8774 CMD:CommitChargeMB ATTR:used=4059 ATTR:load=13.27 ATTR:free=26541</RESOURCE_WARNING>

      <AD5> auModelDoc_c::GetActiveView;auModelView_c::GetViewHWnd;auModelView_c::GetXform;auModelView_c::GetTranslation2;auModelView_c::GetEyePoint;auModelView_c::GetScale;auModelView_c::GetVisibleBox;auModelDoc_c::GetActiveView;auModelView_c::GetViewHWnd;

      <RAWSTACK> KERNELBASE:203C3FB8:00013FB8,MSVCR110:1513DE25:0005DE25,ntdll:232741F3:000A41F3;



      <AD2> "UNLOAD_ADDIN" "BendSequenceSwu.dll" "" [0.00] 0

      <PROCMEM> CMD:AppFinish ATTR:PageFileBytes=554827776 ATTR:PageFileBytesPeak=557789184 ATTR:PoolNonpagedBytes=198200 ATTR:PoolPagedBytes=3056536 ATTR:PrivateBytes=554827776 ATTR:VirtualBytes=37010317312 ATTR:VirtualBytesPeak=37021818880 ATTR:WorkingSet=821215232 ATTR:WorkingSetPeak=822308864 ATTR:AvailableReservesMask=7 ATTR:GDIHandlesTotal=10000 ATTR:GDIHandlesUsed=1201 </PROCMEM>

      <MEMORY> 689745, 822308864, 821186560, 3106008, 3054696, 199224, 198064, 554786816, 557789184, 554786816 </MEMORY>






        • Re: SolidWorks 2017 crashes after installing interactive whiteboard
          John Sweeney

          Hi Raymond,

          From the <RAWSTACK> you show above, I can see the crash point is "ig9icd64:E0351621:00021621".  The first portion of this string is the dll name and the other numbers are offsets into the dll which tell us what piece of code was executing within the dll at the time.  This particular crashing dll is driver code provided by Intel for their graphics board so we don't have access to the inner workings to see what is truly happening.  However, we do know that in Nov/Dec 2017, a Microsoft update pushed out a new driver for some integrated Intel graphics cards and that update started causing crashes with sketching and other instabilities like crashing on exit of SolidWorks.  The driver version you're using ( and another driver ( have caused quite a bit of instability.  In some of our workflow testing, we found Intel driver did not have some of these instability issues, but we do not officially certify Intel HD graphics for use with SolidWorks, and I don't know if 4877 would be overall better for you.


          In SW2018 sp3, we have added logic to avoid the problem found in this driver,.  If you can't upgrade to 2018 sp3 your best bet might be to roll back the driver, or check whether they have a newer driver available.


          Another workaround is to enable "Software OpenGL" mode which allows all graphics processing to happen in the CPU and avoid the graphics card.  The downside of "Software OpenGL" mode is slower performance and certain high-end rendering, such as RealView, won't be available.


          There are a few forum posts on the topic that might also help:


               SolidWorks 2017 access violation attempt to read from memory


               Why is it crashing and what can i do?


          I hope this helps...


          Best Regards,


            • Re: SolidWorks 2017 crashes after installing interactive whiteboard
              Raymond Cotter

              Thank you John!

              Based on your analysis, I pulled the latest SW certified video driver from the System Requirements page and installed it. This fixed the problem immediately!


              I really appreciate your quick response which was spot on!


              Best Regards,


                • Re: SolidWorks 2017 crashes after installing interactive whiteboard
                  John Sweeney

                  Hi Ray,


                  I'm glad it worked out.  Again, we don't officially certify integrated graphics cards like this, so these tend to be less stable then a "professional level" card.  SolidWorks certifies many cards which can be found on our website.


                  While we're on the topic of stability and other issues related to graphics, graphics cards and graphics drivers, I thought it would be a good chance for me to pass along a recommendation and some info to those of you who've found this topic.


                  • When SolidWorks starts up, keep your eyes peeled for warnings similar to what I've shown below.  We try our best to keep track of software changes and driver updates made to your machine and give you recommendations.  This can greatly affect your stability so my strong recommendation is to take action if you see these warning messages.


                  • Starting with SW2018, the SolidWorks crash dialog provides two big benefits.
                    1. The "Fault Module" field can give you a hint on what is crashing.  As I described earlier, the text shown in this field is the first portion of the <RAWSTACK> from the SolidWorksPerformance.log file. The dll name might indicate if this is a crash inside a driver module from Intel, nVidia, AMD, etc.  For example, the "nvogl64" module shown below might prompt you to check if your nVidia driver is certified.
                    2. The top crash solutions for each service pack are "published" by our R&D team.  The green section shown below indicates a fix is available for the crash you've just hit.  This crash diagnosis is happening locally on your machine and matches your crash callstack (the <RAWSTACK>) to the crash fixes we've published. Note... we publish many crash solutions, but not all crash fixes in a service pack are published for display in our crash dialog.


                  I'll end with a plea.  Please fill in details about your crash (#3) and choose to send us the crash logs.  If your crash is reproducible, please report it to your Reseller so we have the chance to get your model, the steps and reach out to you with questions if required. Thanks!


                  Best Regards,