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Imported File Renaming Convention

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by Ruben Balderrama

SW needs to update their renaming convention when importing files. (Side note: I found in 2018 I have to export a STEP file to Parasolid, just to get parts to save from within the assembly...sigh). The part files all saved as "MZ175A21.STEP-1". I can remove the ".STEP" when I do a pack-n-go, but I want to add a dash in the middle of the filename "MZ175A-21".  I have used in the past piece of software called "Bulk rename utility". It's intimidating when you first open it, but it is an awesome piece of software to rename multiple files. I know in SW explorer I can rename each file to reflect the "-" I need, but I am not going to do this 342 times.


Check out this image: I think this is something that could be easily added to SW explorer.:


You can see in the image I am removing the ".STEP" and adding the dash at X position. The new file names are in green. I click the button and its done. If I change it here I spend the next hour relinking SW to all the new file names... another PITB that I don't want to do.


Until then, does anyone know of a way to get this dash in the middle of the file name without manually doing it for each file in explorer?