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Student - Minimum hardware - What do I need

Question asked by Hans Hoevde on Aug 7, 2018
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I am starting this autum a 3D basic course. 2-3hrs per day. Basic learning 3D CAD usage.

I do need some hints/ guiding into what type of computer hardware I do need to buy.


Learning Outcomes / Course Syllabus

On completion of the course, the student shall understand the basics of solid modeling in modern CAD software to such a degree that it can be used as a tool in design work. The student shall:

  • ·  master the basics of solid modeling
  • ·  be able to create drawing compilations
  • ·  be able to create explode sketches
  • ·  be able to create manufacturing drawings

Course Content

A fundametal overview of the working methods for 3D modeling is covered. Managing of files in software is explained. The user interface is discussed in detail as well as the thoughts behind why the interface looks the way it does. Practical work with software is done by creating individualparts and assembling these parts into a whole. Explode sketches are used as a method for creating clarity in a complex 3D model.


On SolidWorks web there is hardware (HW) requirements listed, but I think these are more focused to find a every day work computer/ workstation. I do understand that more powerful HW will give a quick and smooth usage feeling experience...

BUT I do wonder if there are any minimal (relay basic) HW demands to apply as a first time student into the world of 3D/ SolidWorks?


Will a "2018 year modell" of a laptop do / handle basic Solid Work Student use?
i5-Core CPU, 8 MB RAM, 256 HDD, basic "office pc" graphics board, 15 inch laptop, Win 10 hme 64-bit. As an example?



or can I install this on my 2017 MAC BOOK pro as a partition with Apple Mac Boot Camp , i5 Core CPU - 8 MB RAM, 256HDD?


Any suggestions on a PC laptop that will do the task as student or any hits info etc on the boot camp solution?


Thanks in advance for helpful answers


// Hasse

Varberg Sweden