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Why do Solidworks drawings always need to reference the latest changes in a model and how do I get around that?

Question asked by Rick Weber on Aug 7, 2018
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I am trying to make a drawing set for a large assembly and would like to show the assembly without certain parts in some of the views. I want to keep one master reference file for the drawing so that when I change the model I only have to do it once. When I suppress certain parts and sub-assemblies within the assembly and only update the views on my drawing that I don't want those parts showing, Solidworks wants me to update my entire drawing and shows the rebuild symbol by sheets that are not fully updated. Also, when I unload and reload views that do not show the latest updates in my model, those views appear blank until updated.


How do I effectively update some but not all drawing views and keep those views unchanged while continuing to change the reference model?

Thanks in advance