S. Casale

SolidWorks Routing (most specifically electrical) - is more Problematic than Helpful

Discussion created by S. Casale on Aug 7, 2018



SolidWorks Routing (most specifically electrical) - why is this add-on more problematic than helpful? I am not one to complain - but I have to say that the Routing program is complete junk.


It's been a complaint for years and it never gets addressed.


Seriously. The routing program can easily double the load time on a file. The problems it has between editing a route in reference assemblies, and having it forget in the actual routing assembly it creates. The illogical way that the file creates sub-assemblies - and how it interacts with the vault - and how NO ONE talks about having to actually pay attention to the XML file when using the routing program. If you don't know, Vault and Routing program don't work well- Why? Because never have we ever had the XML file be checked out automagically by the SW when editing a route after check-in/out for collaboration... We actually have to search for it. And, we have our templates set-up.


The fact that it requires the OD of a wire be input in 2 completely different places for wire creation, and the second can't be the same size, it has tobe smaller to match. Example:

C-point creation: OD .25 first entry 

Actual wire route creation at the assembly: .249.... for the program to round up to .25.


Considering its functionality is 30% (at best of what it is supposed to offer for efficiency) the use of the routing program is horrible.


My suggestion is for SolidWorks to allow for auto-routing of Splines (2d or 3d, orthographic or loose) from point to point, like it does with the routing program. As far as I can evaluate (for 4 years now), the auto-route feature is the only PLUS to the routing program.This way one can connect points in a logical manner automagically (routing program or not).


Don't get me wrong SolidWorks is the best modeling program, but 3DS/DS should fix the add-ins they have purchased and incorporated for use, prior to adding more functionality.