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Find broken file references

Question asked by Patrick Reinke on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Danniel Sims

Hi community,


I wanna fix broken file references in SolidWorks and I allready found a solution, but unfortunately my solution is highly unperformant.

The Problem is, I need to activate every SW-Configuration and check if there are supressed components. If there are, I need to de a second check if these supressed components exists like this: File.Exists(filePath). Then I can be sure, that this file reference is broken or not.

See for my solution in the following screenshot:



I allready tryed ListExternalFileReferences, but this method didnt find the references I am looking for. Beside GetUnloadedComponentNames, isnt there another solution to find broken references over the hole document as a list or something like that, without switching every configuration?


Greeting Patrick