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    Pack and Go, why is it grabbing unrelated files??!!

    Chris Clouser

      Hopefully there's somebody smart enough here to answer this question.  I'm having issues with Pack and Go adding dozens of unrelated files to an export.


      Here's the problem.  If I have a simple part:


      PAG 1.JPG


      Here's the references:


      PAG 2.JPG


      That's what we would expect.


      Here's the Pack and Go WITHOUT drawings:


      PAG 3.JPG


      Again, that's what one would expect.  BUT, then if you click the "Include drawings tab" you get this:


      PAG 4.JPG


      for some reason it's trying to grab stuff from all over the universe!


      Now you may say that the drawing is somehow referencing all these files, but it isn't:


      PAG 5.JPG


      So the drawing only references itself and the part.


      WHY does Pack and Go grab all the unrelated files!!??  This means when I try to do a Pack and Go to send files to a supplier, all the crap is sent along with it.  We have to manually expunge the extra files, which basically negates the functionality of Pack and Go.