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How to use Component Name in 3D BOM?

Question asked by Aaron Duncan on Aug 6, 2018

Hi There,

We are using the full SolidWorks Electrical 2D and 3D package.


When you put multiple instances of a library part into an assembly, for example if you have three 20A circuit breakers, SWE gives these parts all a unique name in the 3D assembly, like H05021, H05031, H05041, etc.   When you are in the 3D assembly and right click and select the properties icon, you get the following screen shot, and can see the "Component Name" as H05031 in this case, as you see below.


This is what we want to use in our BOM table on the drawing of the 3D assembly, but I am unable to call this data up as a BOM column.


Any ideas how to do this?