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inspection add-in Using characters in balloons in stead of numbers

Question asked by Peter Pankras on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by Peter Pankras

I have a problem, or more of a dilemma


We are working on automating the ballooning proces and the inspection plan proces.

We manufacture 1000's of parts a day..


Years ago when the company started they choose to use characters in their inspection balloons. (A B C - etc)


Why? you might ask.. the reason was that whatever is in the balloon, for us never exeeds 2 characters.

The number of dimensions we check per part vary based on the difficulty of the part and some parts have more then 100 dimensions to check. Using the character method always leaves us with only 2 characters in the balloon, where if you would have used numbers it would be.


The way they do the balloons is with A B C etc..   when you get to Z you start again with AA AB AC etc

This way we have enough options.


We started using inspection pro..  although some important things don't work the way we want..  we hope to get it to work the way we want.


We discussed internally if it;s possible to switch to numbers..  and the reason why it difficult for us is that they started with a character system in the past.

We produce over 5000 different parts, so we have over 5000 different drawings.

The inspection lettering is used to document changes with clients, with error handling, with our NC programmers etc etc.

Simply changing to a number system will make it a hasttle to look up previous information.


So our wish is to continue using characters, but automate it with something like inspection.


Is there a way, easy or hard..  I don't care..   to add character balloons in stead of numbers?


If it does not exist YET, how about a possiblility to do the numbering with inspection automaticly and create a macro or something that changes the number to a letter the way we want.


I cannot seam to acces the number in the balloon.


Any ideas or help more then appreciated.