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Does anyone run into the issue of being unable to quickly create sketches that are normal to 3D curves?

Question asked by Joe Meridian on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Ian Moore

I frequently run into the issue where I have to use a three step workaround to create a guide curve that is normal to a 3D curve. Anytime I want to create a guide curve midway through a 3D spline or curved edge, I have to first create a line tangent to said curve then create another line that is perpendicular to said tangent line. From there, I either create a reference plane or use the end points to create a 3D sketch (see below).


Is this a practice that people commonly use or is there a better way to make this type of surface? I want to avoid having my surfaces "twist" halfway through, as shown below (left is intended surface with normal relations, right is "twisted" surface without normal relations). Do you find yourself wishing there was a normal to/perpendicular relation for 3D curves?


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