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2 different curvatures

Question asked by Damien Long on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Damien Long

Hi, I'm not overly experienced with SW and have been struggling with this problem for hours. I have a part that is cut from a tube per Capture1,2.  I would then like to deform it with a cylindrical tool parallel to the original tube (per Capture3,4,5) where the finished deformed profile of the part would look something like the sketch outline shown in Capture5.  If anyone has any suggestions for best way to tackle this, please let me know.  Also, I will need to create a number of these parts with various different geometry configurations as yet TBD, so I'm ideally after a solution that lets me modify the source geometery easily.   Wondering if anyone has any ideas how best to do this?

Thanks, Damien