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    PDM Ent. SP2 Bugs ??

    Scott Benzie
      We have just upgraded from 08sp4 to 09sp2. Straight away we have been hit with two bugs -

      1] Custom property data is not displayed on the "Cards" in the viewer window.

      2] The "automatic number counter" that is used for generating sequencial numbers e.g. D-001, D-002 - now counts in twos - D-001, D003.

      Has anyone else experienced this and found a work around ???

        • PDM Ent. SP2 Bugs ??
          Joy Garon
          Hi Scott -

          They are not bugs, but, rather the result of some new enhancements.
          First, if you select the @ config tab for the file you will see your properties. To return to 2008 behaviour, RMB in the file view, select View and uncheck 'Set focus to active configuration'.

          The serial number issue is due to the new ability to generate a serial number per configuration. I f you do not want this behaviour, open the data card, select the control and on the right menu, under flags, check 'Updates all configurations'.

          That should solve your issues.