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    Anyone knows why Visualization is better than Vray

    Senthil E.

      Anybody knows key facts about solidworks visualization in industries

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          Richard Earley

          Hi Senthil,


          To clarify the question, is it why is Visualize better than Vray Renders?

          Presuming that it is, here is the response:


          Visualize runs upon iRay render engine, Vray is a similar but different engines produced by Nvidia.

          Iray is a path tracer, Vray is a ray tracer



          The main difference is that Vray can split light/camera rays into sub-rays. So when a ray hits geometry, it splits into several secondary rays.


          Iray cannot split the rays, it simply would trace a single secondary ray when it hits geometry. Iray is actually a play on words for Eye Ray, ie. just calculating the single ray as it goes.



          So what does this mean for a user?


          Vray will take longer to give you a visual feedback as there are more calculations needed to reach a pass. Iray on the other hand will be quicker to render the pass and give you a visual feedback alot quicker. It is then a progressive render, scaling quite nicely to remove the noise etc with each pass (especially with the new Denoiser).


          So it is more a question of usability, where Iray will give you a visual feedback alot quicker than a Vray render.

          Both are great renders and I wouldn't want to say which produces more realistic results!


          Hope that the above makes sense!