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InsertFamilyTableOpen() exiting invisible mode c#

Question asked by Tom Sowers on Aug 3, 2018

Hello, first post on the forum so sorry if I did not put this in the right place.


I have been working on a program using solidworks 2018 that will load an assembly and load a design table rebuild the assembly and save the model in invisible mode (visible = false).  The program works great until InsertFamilyTableOpen() is called upon which the solidworks window appears loads the design table and then disappears. I have tried using Sldworks.visible = false, disabling user control, using the frame interface  and KeepInvisible = true but none of these prevent solidworks and excel from appearing.  Has anyone else encountered this or has a fix? I really would like to keep solidworks running in invisible mode as the assembly being edited is rather large and takes awhile to edit after the design table is loaded, hoping to improve processing speed by not having to load the user interface and generate graphics.