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Need help for link global variable of another part

Question asked by Nam Hung Nguyen on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2018 by Igor Fomenko

Dear Sir and Madam,

I have two part in Solidworks. Part A is the boss-extrude of rectangle with the overall length I set (I will set the overall length of part A by global variable) . Now I want to make part B with the overall length is the overall length of part A plus 600 mm. So When I create Part B I want to link to the global variable of part A. please help me the idea How I can do it?

I thinked about to make assembly for part A and B but in my condition of BOM at My companyI can not do it. I need the Link without the assembly of part A and B.

Thank you very much and I am sorry for my bad English.