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How does PDM do searches?

Question asked by Kevin Hansen on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Michael Dekoning

We're supposed to be getting PDM Pro at some point in the future? This year, maybe? The implementation project hasn't begun yet, so I don't have any information about it. The thing that concerns me the most right now is getting our legacy data ready for migration. What I want to know is...


How do you perform searches for drawings and parts? What data and parameters do you have, or might we have? What search logic does one use? What do these pages even look like?


Our current system holds pdf's, and it has part records and drawing records. Drawing records include fields for drawing number, description, extra description and revision comments. Part records include fields for part number, description, extra description and a couple other odd fields we don't use.


Also, are the fields customizable?


Could someone direct me to a resource? Or upload some screenshots? Or... ?