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Standard Planes on a Toolbar

Question asked by Serge Piastra on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Alexei Groutso

Is it possible to create a Customised Toolbar which would give the user access to the Standard Planes (Front, Top & Right), the planes which are located at the top of the Feature Manager?

In an assembly, let say I need to assign a parallel mate between the Top plane of a part and the Top plane of the assembly.
In a large assembly with many parts, the feature Manager can be quite "tall" and when selecting the Top plane of the part, one has to scroll right up to the top of the tree in order to select the Top plane of the assembly.

The toolbar would just look like the attached picture (In a landscape orientation though...).


Having a "floating" toolbar with the 3 standard planes of the assembly (and perhaps also the Origin) would save time.

Thanks for any feedback & regards to all!