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    Open drawing from part

    Ian Hoven



      When a part file and drawing file are located in the same directory in the PDM vault I am able to RMB and open the drawing from the part.  When the drawing file is located in a different folder location in the vault SW is unable to locate the file and I have to browse or search to find it.  Is the PDM system able to be setup in a way that it can open a drawing that is located in a different folder location?  In the opposite direction it works as expected-if the drawing is open I am able to RMB on a drawing view to open the part which is located in a different folder.  This seems like something that should be fairly easy, am I missing something?


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          Paul Wyndham

          I did some testing and all I can find is that when closed and reopened the part can no longer find the drawing if it is in a different folder.

          • I opened a part
          • Checked it out
          • Opened the drawing (browsed to it in the other folder)
          • Closed the drawing
          • Opened the drawing again (found it without browsing)
          • Closed the drawing
          • Saved and checked in the part
          • Closed the part
          • Opened the part
          • Opened the drawing from the part and it asked me to browse for the drawing
          • Closed the part
          • Moved the drawing back to the part folder
          • Opened part
          • Opened drawing from part without browsing


          It is curious that the user setting for Check In has a setting for finding the drawing when it is in a different folder, but that does not apply to opening the drawing from the part.


          Opening the part from the drawing works because the drawing is a child of the part. It has to open the part to open the drawing. I guess they figure the drawing should be in the same folder as the part so they don't need to save the location info in the model.


          Sorry I could be more help.

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            S. Casale

            When you make a drawing from a part or assembly file, SolidWorks will inherently look in the location of where you saved the drawing. If you do anything to the file name or location of the drawing without the associated part or assembly file open, SW will not be able to find it. Not that it is lost, but the relations are no longer there.


            PDM or not.


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              Richard Bremmer

              S. Casale is right, there is only SolidWorks functionality for this, no PDM. And the SolidWorks functionality assumes the part and drawing are named identical and are in the same location.