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Collapse all weldment items in indented BOM

Question asked by Sergio Monti on Aug 3, 2018

Hello everybody,

Is there a way to collapse all weldment items in indented BOM?

For each project I usually produce an indented BOM for the main assembly, that is a layout drawing of a machine. Then I copy the BOM to excel in order to produce a BOM document to be given to the customer.

In the indented BOM I get also each weldement-type part exploded to single items.

The end customer looks at BOM for spare parts and they obviously don't need single weldement items; they rather get confused.

Therefore I currently collapse each weldement-type part manually in the BOM by clicking on the 'minus' icon

obtaining this:

In a large assembly this operation is time consuming and there is the possibility to likely miss some part.

Do you know of any way or macro to solve the problem?

I'm on SW2015. Is this problem solved on future versions?

Thanks in advance.