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Ghost sketch entities in assebly can't be deleted

Question asked by Ron Snook on Aug 2, 2018

I have a couple assembly files that have some sketch entities left after moving a part that I can't get rid of.  They are template assemblies that we are using to layout the operations to machine parts.  After it is all laid out we save it as .step to bring it into hyperMill to program.  The entities don't transfer so it does not affect the usage it is just more of an annoyance of having bogus geometry that I can't get rid of.  This happened when I moved a stop pin out into space to make it easier to mate to a different fixture.  After mating the pin there was a circle left were I had temporarily moved it to make it easier to pick faces (see attached).  In this file there are 3 different fixture configurations each with 3 different stock configurations.  In some of the configurations some circles  disappear but there is always some even in configurations where the pin isn't even used.  I tried running in Solidworks Rx to see if it might be graphical but they were still there.  I can't select them or find any thing in the tree to select.   I am fairly new to Solidworks so it is probably something I did wrong that caused it but I have a few more templates to make for different fixture so I would like to figure it out.  I would appreciate any help or suggestions.



SW 2018 SP1.0