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Intuitive Mate Replacement??

Discussion created by Jason Warnke on Aug 2, 2018
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I was just thinking (as I was working) - it would be really nice if SW would make an 'intuitive mate replacement' command.


I have a table with a bunch of mounting holes and components mounted; but I wanted to redraw the table model (make it a bit cleaner and change some features; and editing what was there wasn't the easiest solution).



At days end I put my new table into my assembly and I want to swap it with my old one; I understand that mates only replace if the models have matching internal IDs...but does that mean it is not possible to add a command that could look at the broken half of a broken mate and look for geometry that lines up with it?  Or is that just crazy talk?



Im no programmer, so ....i dunno....I guess there could be repercussions given certain rare conditions?....maybe?  But maybe not? ?



Anyway... if someone could just add that into the next release, that'd be swell.