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    Problems moving files and Solidworks (with PDM)

    Alejandro López

      Hi everyone,


      We are about 50 people using Solidworks and EPDM. We are facing some problems about the implementation but the one that worries me more is problem moving the files.




      We make asemblies with a lot of subassemblies with parts.


      The parts are located in C:\PDM\........\Project01\PartStudies, when it fits with the assembly and it is OK, we move it to C:\PDM\PARTS.


      During this process several people could have opened the assembly (while the part were in the original folder).


      The issue is that when other users open the assembly once the part has been moved it appears supressed in Solidworks...The location in PDM is OK (C:\PDM\PARTS) but when I look the properties of the part inside the SolidWorks, it tries to find the file in the original location (C:\PDM\........\Project01\PartStudies)


      ¿Any idea?


      Thank you!

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          Sam Sam



          SolidWorks PDM Standart is probable?


          And if it is possible to describe process of relocation of files in more detail.

          Files move manually? / automatically?

          CheckIn, Workflow, Revizions is used?...

          What settings at users / groups?


          As I understood - users can work parallely. At the same time any of them can move files.

          At this moment files of CheckIn?

          After that other users perhaps will need to update local Cash and to receive the latests version (possibly manually).

          There is an opportunity to set up Cash - it is possible to specify the necessary folders.

          It is possible to update referenses manually.

          Still there are settings of external references in Administration PDM and SolidWorks (what there settings?)

          Toolbox is used? How it is set up? locally or in PDM?


          Probably more initial information will not prevent.

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            Jeremy Feist

            is the assembly in your PDM vault also? and was it checked in after the part was added, but before the part was moved?

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              Paul Wyndham

              I have had this problem many times. The way I understand it is:

              • When you open an assembly SolidWorks looks in the assembly for the location of the individual files.
              • SW then attempts to open the files from that location.
              • If it doesn't find them it acts according to the option setting selected. Since SolidWorks made the Option in "Messages/Errors/Warnings" to automatically dismiss the reference update dialog after a short period of time -- and set it on by default, it is probably just defaulting to suppress the file.

              I set all installations to have this turned off. I don't want the users to not know something was not found. It drives me insane that SolidWorks even created this option. It totally blows my mind that they force it on us. WHY DO THEY WANT PEOPLE TO HAVE BROKEN MODELS BY DEFAULT????? But, I regress, that is a different issue.


              The main problem with SWPDM is that when you move a file (whichever way you do it) it does not open the assemblies and update the path saved in the assembly.


              I would think that SW would be smart enough to know if you open a file from within PDM it should ask PDM where the file is before it tells the user to go find it or just suppresses it automatically.

              If I have something wrong in my sum up please let me know as I would love to be able to move things around without having broken assemblies. The way it is, I just stop the process of moving hardware to the library and just leave the mess and nobody can find it so they just add another one.

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                Sam Sam

                I will try to specify more specifically.

                1. How do files in the SolidWorks window (Pack and Go or Save As) or move to PDM (Move/Copy Tree or just dragging of files / folders) or somehow on another?

                2. What means "when it fits with the assembly and it is OK" - All files rebuilded and saved in SolidWorks, and CheckIn in PDM (at the same time in the brief information on the entering details there are no warnings)?

                3. Assemblies and details have some Status, Revision? The rights to move files is allowed for any Status?

                4. The movement purpose - protection (blocking) against any changes or Library with a possibility of search, sharing and/or revisions or some other?

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                    Alejandro López

                    Hi Sam,


                    1- Most of times just dragging files. Folders are not allowed because PDM let you move folders even when you have in this folder a file thats is referenced in assembly that it is Checked Out by other user.

                    2- I mean, when the engineer checks that the part is OK in the assembly about dimensions.

                    3- Assemblies can have some revision, The rights to move files are allowed for all status.

                    4-  Sorry, I don't understand this point.


                    Thank you Sam

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                    Jason Young

                    I have 2018...

                    and I get problems moved/editing files through the SW enviroment.....

                    SW will just crash without warning.

                    all folder manipulation has to be done through windows to get around this.

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                      Sam Sam

                      As I did not wait for any additional information, I tried to simulate as it is written and to move different files with different methods.

                      I long tried to repeat something similar, but it was impossible to me. I tried also "Pack and Go" and "Copy Tree" and Drag and drop both to Move a tree and to Move files (Solidworks Explorer) and just to copy the folder with files.

                      I did not find any problems on other computer.

                      Then I just moved only details to other folder (assembly remained on the place) - and received something similar to the asked question.

                      I am not sure that it becomes as I made.

                      In that case, in the local folder there are cached local files which need to be deleted.

                      After their deleting I did not find any problems.

                      If something does not work it is possible to try to update references manually in PDM.

                      It is possible to try to set up References in the SW and PDM settings - unfortunately I have no dc time' it to try.

                      It is possible to try to set up External references in SolidWorks and to add the "PARTS" folder to Referenced Documents location in SolidWorks and External references in Administration PDM.

                      But it is the best of all to use "Move tree" for relocation (a personal judgement, and I am not sure that it can be set up in the menu of the user in PDM Standart).

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                        Sam Sam

                        Try in SolidWorks in PDM tree - to update (refresh/renew *) tree and to use the version in vault.

                        It doesn't solve a problem?


                        (* - the note: I have no English interface now - perhaps the translation incorrect).