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Problems moving files and Solidworks (with PDM)

Question asked by Alejandro López on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Alejandro López

Hi everyone,


We are about 50 people using Solidworks and EPDM. We are facing some problems about the implementation but the one that worries me more is problem moving the files.




We make asemblies with a lot of subassemblies with parts.


The parts are located in C:\PDM\........\Project01\PartStudies, when it fits with the assembly and it is OK, we move it to C:\PDM\PARTS.


During this process several people could have opened the assembly (while the part were in the original folder).


The issue is that when other users open the assembly once the part has been moved it appears supressed in Solidworks...The location in PDM is OK (C:\PDM\PARTS) but when I look the properties of the part inside the SolidWorks, it tries to find the file in the original location (C:\PDM\........\Project01\PartStudies)


¿Any idea?


Thank you!