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User problems with PDM

Discussion created by Jack Brooker on Aug 2, 2018
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Recently our company has moved to PDM, and i've been in charge of managing the system. So far, things are (in my own opinion) going okay. People are beginning to get the hang of how to use it, and while there are people who dislike it, there are also people who are beginning to like it as well. My main issue is with the people who dislike it, because when I say they dislike it, I mean they absolutely loathe everything about it.


I'm sure this is quite a common thing, and it probably isn't something that can be helped to much - but


It's still something that bothers me because I personally want to try to make every user in this company love it, coming around to truly see the benefits it provides. I've done a couple of things to gauge their satisfaction with it, and to also gain some insight into their problems and complaints. I'll give a bit of exposition so that this makes a bit more sense -


Our legacy data previously used to have the revision number in the filename (yes, I know, stupid thing to do), and with the move to PDM, i've decided to go the hard route and move this to a customproperty assigned to each part. We can't use the revision system for convoluted reasons, and the majority of our designers work on updating old jobs, or base new jobs on the old ones. We have too much data for me to convert it all to this new system, so i've written a dispatch script they can use to manually do it themselves when it is required. Because it renames the parts, this creates a lot of issues with the references - where most of the problems stem from.


Some of the complaints & requests i've had so far have been more than reasonable, and obviously I have no problem adjusting the system to make it as user-friendly as possible - in fact I want their feedback so that I can do this. The less reasonable requests have also been coming through though; people have said to my face that my system is crap, they've demanded to be put back in the old system (windows explorer), stated that the new system is too long winded for them to be bothered with it, said that too many changes are being put in place - while also saying that it needs to be customised further to suit their needs, and they've gotten annoyed that I apparently don't have a 'can do' approach - because some of the requests they've asked for are straight up impossible.


Is this normal? This is my first time doing something like this so I lack experience, but feel as though it must be. Have other people experienced this sort of thing, and what have you done to try and help people out as they go into it?


Also - any other problems people have had - i'd love to hear about them (plus i'm sure people would love to rant a bit)



Edit - Thanks a lot to everyone for the help, i've marked this thread as a discussion because I do want discussion to continue - but I need to mention the comment by Matt Lombard so that anybody coming here in the future can see it.  (Link -Re: User problems with PDM )