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    won't mesh cut extrude

    Brian Cullen

      I can't get SolidWorks to mesh extruded cuts (hog-outs). Studied "Help", watched videos, tried everything I could think of: Mesh Control, Geometry Check, all mesh types and various parameters, 16 Jacobian Points... It's just one body; not an assembly. I've cleared the temp files, restarted. Nothing works. Fails every time.


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          Benjamin Modic

          Hey Brian,


          Can you please upload the part file so we can all look at the same geometry? I am sure we can find some solution that will work for you.



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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Brian,

            Like Ben said, looking at the model might help give you a more specific answer.  In the absence of that here would be my general recommendations for finding the source of the issue.

            1. Determine if the Cut Extrude feature is the cause of the mesh failure.  Roll the rollback bar up above the Cut Extrude and see if it still fails to mesh.  Keep rolling up features until you get to a point of successful mesh then start taking a look at mesh controlling the features that were not allowing the model to mesh.
            2. Use this Split technique for splitting a model into multiple pieces to see if a particular section of the model is to blame for the mesh failure (GoEngineer - Simulation: Using Split to Narrow Down Problems Meshing).
            3. Use 'Tools', 'Evaluate', 'Check' to see if there are any face faults or general faults that could lead to a mesh failure.  Locate and fix any faults this check finds.
            4. Ensure that "Verification on Rebuild" is enabled (found under 'Tools', 'Options', 'System Options', 'Performance') then use CTRL+Q to rebuild the model as make sure all features are successful with a verified rebuild.  Remake/modify/fix any features that fail with this option enabled then remesh.
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              Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

              Hi fella morin' could you attach or upload your file...

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                  Brian Cullen

                  A big thank you to all who offered assistance. I finally fixed the problem. Not completely certain what solved the problem, but I would guess it was a high-aspect-ratio element created adjacent to the small fillet shown in the screenshot above. I deleted the fillet and restructured the sketch relations/geometry that were connected to it.