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Routed vs. Cutting Length & Circuit Summary BOM

Question asked by Rich Harder on Aug 1, 2018

For years we've used the same custom .sldbomtbt for our Circuit Summary (Cut List) table on our harness drawings.  There's a column on there that we've named APPROX. LENGTH, which is set to populate with the Routed Length.  These total lengths would included the Additional Internal Wire Length from the Route Properties on the connectors.  In our case we set this to 0.5 inch on our connectors, giving us an additional 1.0 inches in our total APPROX. LENGTH's i.e., C-Point to C-Point + 1.0 in. (0.5 x 2 Connectors).


After upgrading from SW2016sp4 to SW2018sp3 last week we noticed that our APPROX. LENGTHS would shorten by 1.0 inch when we were presented with the message that sheets are out of date, would you like to update and selected Yes.  If we selected No, then they would stay as is, with the orange out-of-date box around the drawing view.  After some research, I noticed that there is a table column property type named Cutting Length.  I couldn't tell you if this is a new property for 2017/2018, but this seems to behave like the Routed Length used to for us.  You'll see in the first screenshot below that when the existing drawing that's checked into EPDM is opened and updated, the length drops from 23.185.  In the second screenshot, the column property is changed to Cutting Length, in which the length goes back to 23.185.


We have our VAR investigating this issue with SolidWorks, but after a week we haven't had any suggestions.  I found the Routed vs. Cutting Length discrepancies.  Best I can tell is that SolidWorks changed the behavior of the Routed Length property that we've been using, and then created a new property named Cutting Length, which now includes the internal lengths we need.  If this ends up being the case, that would be terrible for us.  Would we have to revise all of our existing harness drawing tables?  Still waiting though to hear back from our VAR before we lift a finger.


In the meantime, if anyone taking the time to read this has access to SW2016sp4, or later, and produces harness drawings in this manner, could you see if in your Circuit Summary (Cut List) BOM Table if there's a property named Cutting Length?  And if so, would you mind comparing the behavior to the Routed Length property?