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Are there tasks or add-ins (API?) in PDM Standard? 2018

Question asked by Karl Okeson on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Andrew Schutte

I remember that custom tasks or APIs or add-ins were simply not supported when PDM standard debuted. Has this changed?


I found a thread where user John Wayman was discussing a PDF creation add-on for PDM Standard,


Can anyone confirm are there taks, add-ins, APIs, or dispatch for PDM Standard?





Thread reproduced:


Yes, I have set the task to name the PDF file:  <the same as the drawing>-<Revision>.pdf - for example, 'Test Part 1 060418-B-00.pdf'.


Following my earlier post, I have moved the increment job into the Transition from the State, so the convert task happens after the Revision increment.

I thought that would fix it.

First time through, everything goes swimmingly, the PDF shows A-00 in the title block and is named Test Part 1 060418-A-00.pdf, and the drawing file shows A-00 in the title block.

I then change state to WIP, using the 'Changes Required' Transition, make some changes and 'Submit for Check' Transition.

I log in as the designated checker and change state to Released using the 'Release' Transition.

The drawing file is released at Revision B-00 and another PDF file is created - Test Part 1 060418-B-00.pdf - However, the PDF file shows Revision A-00 in the title block, whilst the drawing file itself shows B-00 in the title block.


I have included screenshots of the task configuration.






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