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    Are there tasks or add-ins (API?) in PDM Standard? 2018

    Karl Okeson

      I remember that custom tasks or APIs or add-ins were simply not supported when PDM standard debuted. Has this changed?


      I found a thread where user John Wayman was discussing a PDF creation add-on for PDM Standard,


      Can anyone confirm are there taks, add-ins, APIs, or dispatch for PDM Standard?





      Thread reproduced:


      Yes, I have set the task to name the PDF file:  <the same as the drawing>-<Revision>.pdf - for example, 'Test Part 1 060418-B-00.pdf'.


      Following my earlier post, I have moved the increment job into the Transition from the State, so the convert task happens after the Revision increment.

      I thought that would fix it.

      First time through, everything goes swimmingly, the PDF shows A-00 in the title block and is named Test Part 1 060418-A-00.pdf, and the drawing file shows A-00 in the title block.

      I then change state to WIP, using the 'Changes Required' Transition, make some changes and 'Submit for Check' Transition.

      I log in as the designated checker and change state to Released using the 'Release' Transition.

      The drawing file is released at Revision B-00 and another PDF file is created - Test Part 1 060418-B-00.pdf - However, the PDF file shows Revision A-00 in the title block, whilst the drawing file itself shows B-00 in the title block.


      I have included screenshots of the task configuration.






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        • Re: Are there tasks or add-ins (API?) in PDM Standard? 2018
          Andrew Schutte


          There is no API support in PDM standard. In regards to the PDF question, because PDM Workgroup had automatic PDF generation, and enough people complained, they decided to include that very narrow PDM Professional ability in PDM Standard, starting with 2018. The limitations are:

          • Creation of a PDF from a drawing on state change
          • Saving of said PDF in the same folder location as the SOLIDWORKS drawing
          • A blanket on/off setting for the vault

          I'm not a PDM expert so perhaps my points are slightly off or someone could add more detail. However that's the current options as I'm aware.

          I'm not aware of anyone that's actively integrated with PDM Standard except my development team at Smooth Logics. So apart from our ERP integrated solution COUNTERPART, I wouldn't expect to see/find any other PDM Standard integrations, I've only seen PDM Professional.