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Creation of a mold/nest/core impossible :(

Question asked by Damien Parasie on Aug 1, 2018
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After 2 long days to try, I can say that I have a lot of difficulties to make a "nest" for a plastic part.

The function of this nest will be used to maintain the platic part during an operation with a robot.


If I follow the way of creation of a mould I have to do :

1 : Parting lines with draft analysis

2 : Parting surfaces

3 : Tooling split


For my part,

Step 1 Parting lines (ligne de joint in french) looks working (it's written in green "the Parting line is done...") 


Step 2 Parting surfaces (plan de joint): here he don't want to make it....



I don't know if it's because the shapes are really complicated, I tried also to make it without the mold function, to play with surfaces...impossible.


What I can do it's to create a volume, put the part inside and make the "combine feature"...but after...I don't know how to "clean" this volume and make a nest.


I don't know if I am really clear but I am blocked and note that I cannot share the part