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    Solidworks PDM Standard is a Broken tool for small companies!!

    Craig Makarowski

      Well I have spent several days trying to test and simulate my PDM Standard and get my implementation working.

      I have a single cad user here and wanted to make our simple work flow that we use here work and have revision control of our designs.

      We create the Part then the drawing then submit the Drawing for review with a PDF.

      The approver then reviews the drawing and either approves the design or rejects it with markups.

      If approved the part is accepted as approved this removes the requirement of the approver having to actually look at the CAD part model and approve it besides teh drawing.

      Here is our Work flow which i want to have an action in the part path that is controlled by the Drawing approvalSimple Work flow.png


      Also having to reenter all the configurations for each Transition and State each time you try a different Work flow and test it is very tedious and way to repetative.

      We are a small company that can't afford the expensive Professional version. Very disappointed with this PDM Standard Implementation. compared to WorkgroupPDM at least you had Macros to solve issues. more brokenware in the world!!