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Assembly drawing with background parts

Question asked by Siju Varghese on Aug 1, 2018
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I am trying to create an assembly drawing with background parts, example a fuel tank installation drawing with background parts like chassis and engine. To make this drawing I have created a dummy assembly with fuel tank assembly and other background parts. However, to generate the BOM and auto ballooning I have to add a view of fuel tank assembly. Now the problem I face is when I try to create a balloon for the view taken from dummy assembly, it shows ballooning as per dummy assembly not as per fuel tank. Option to link balloon to the specified table in view properties don't work in this case. Is it possible to get balloon numbering as per fuel tank bom in the view taken from dummy assembly?


In my previous company, we used to follow the same methodology to create drawings for assemblies where the background is necessary for understanding the location of the part, but the balloons where manual so never had any issues.


Any advice regarding this topic will be appreciated. I am open to change the structuring of the assembly provided the drawing should be parametric and balloons need to be linked to the part, not a manual text balloon.