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    Question about imported IGES file from Materialise Mimics software

    Jane Li

      Hello All,

      I was trying to use solidworks edit an imported IGES file which I exported from Materialise Mimics.

      The original model was scanned by Micro-CT scan and I have imported all the scanned image into Mimics to generated a 3D model by applying the right grey value. After that I exported the model in Mimics as IGES file. However, when I opened the IGES file in Solidworks, the model looks weird, it is a structure which made up with imported curves, like this:

      side view wire2 .png

      The green part (sweep 1) is what I made according to the imported curves, but this is not a good solution for me because I need to get this part assembled later and I have to keep the geometry as original as possible for the future FEM results.


      So my question is: did I imported the IGES file correctly? or Do you have any suggestions for my problem?

      Thank you very much for the help!