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    Rotation of Assembly

    Kyle Hoyt

      I was using Creo before I moved to a new company with Solidworks. There are a few things that I can not figure out if there are setting that I can adjust or if it just is the way it is.

      • I want to be able to turn of the "center spin". That is what it was called in Creo, what I would like is to have the assembly spin about where the mouse is at the time I click the middle mouse button. My Solidworks seems to be somewhat configured that way, but it seems to want to pre-select a random surface or edge behind that first object behind the cursor and spin around that instead.
      • Is there a way to display a triad on a part that I am putting into an assembly, or is the only to go to the ribbon and select "Move Component" and move it through 3d space without much control?


      Thanks in advance for the help!

        • Re: Rotation of Assembly
          Andrew Schutte


          I'll try my best to explain how SOLIDWORKS functions and how you can more easily accomplish your goals. However it's sometimes quite difficult to explain geometric 3D spacial orientation concepts in text. :-)

          • If you are able to see the entire 3D model in SOLIDWORKS, the default point of rotation is (roughly) center mass.
          • If you are zoomed in on a model, when depressing the right mouse button, the point of rotation will be the geometry your cursor was hovering over or closest to (SOLIDWORKS even places a pink + in the location), if your cursor was not over geometry, then:
          • When inserting a new component, a float control appears allowing you to (by default) rotate the model 90 deg in X, Y or Z space.
          • In addition to clicking on the "Move Component" command in the ribbon, hovering over your cursor over a component and holding down your right mouse button will allow the rotation of the component in all the degrees of freedom currently allowed based on constraints.

          Hope that helps!