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How do I update component locations from Solidworks assembly?

Question asked by John Burrill on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Scott Ellery

Hi everyone,

this is a question about Visualize 2018 SP3.0 (the one that comes with SolidWorks Professional)

when I update a solidworks assembly either by clicking on model node and clicking the update button, or by going to File->Reimport all parts, the geometry updates to reflect the last saved state of the assembly but components that are geometrically the same remain in their current locations.

I noticed this when I rendered a plastic case with a sliding tray.  I rendered it first with the tray opened and part of it cut away to show the internal components and then I tried to updated it to rerender it with the tray closed and the cutaway removed.

The components that had been affected by the cutaway moved to the closed position but those that didn't have a geometry change stayed in the open position.

so how do I get an Visualize scene to update the positions (and display states if possible) when there's a change to the SolidWorks assembly?