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Appearance configuration one for working and one for rendering

Question asked by Barbara Jerin on Jul 31, 2018
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I was wondering if there is a quick way to have two types of appearance saved for an assembly?

When we are working on a design, it is very usefull to have parts or weldments that get mated together in different colors. This makes a large assembly easier to work with.

But, if we want to make a render, we need to redefine all appearances based on material, which can be very time consuming. If then we would want to go back to the colored version it would take again too much time to change the appearance back again.


Do you have any ideas, how we could perform an appearance "switch" without much effort?

It could even be a SolidWorks feature that would color each part or assembly in a different color, that we could turn on or off. Is there anything like that?


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