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Custom Property Tab erases data within the List Block

Question asked by Albert Homem on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by REJEAN REMILLARD

I've recently learned about the Custom Property Tab and think that I have found a bug where the list block erases data.

It arose when I decided to create a template of my own, visible below.


The list named "source" has "production method" as a parent, so that whether we purchase a part  or are outsourcing manufacturing determines the options available in the "source" list. At first, the list appears to function properly, because it allows the user within SW to select one of the "source" options and save that information as a custom property value visible within the Summary Information Window. However, whenever the user leaves the Custom Properties Tab (for example, to SOLIDWORKS Resources) and comes back, the Source list has no option selected. Leaving the Custom Properties Tab prompts the user that changes have been made in the custom property tab and asks whether or not to save. Saving causes the variable defined by the list to be wiped clean.

This issue of the list resetting itself to zero is workable, because we can set the value again every time we enter the Custom Properties Tab, but I really wish that it would simply stay put. The odd thing is that because custom values are enabled, I can type in any value I want, and that value will stay saved and not get reset (as long as I don't type a value identical to one of the choices in the list). Regular lists without parents also work just fine.

I can't imagine that this resetting is a feature, and I am fairly certain I am doing this right. Any advice on the problem or questions would be very welcome and appreciated.


Variations that I've tried and had no effect:

  1. Making the Source variable Custom or Configuration Specific
  2. Changing the Source variable name
  3. Using a different SW machine
  4. Disallowing custom values
  5. Using an excel sheet to determine what the options in the list are.



In the rightmost picture under the word "Parent" there is a box labeled "production method". Whenever I close and reopen the Custom Property Tab Builder, that list is present but its value is blank. I can reselect "Production Method" and save, but loading it again causes the list to be empty again. Maybe this has something to do with my problem.